How To Be A Ladies Man

How To Be A Ladies Man
Relise Date: 26 Jan 2010
Studio: Zero Tolerance
Actors: Sarah Vandella, Monique Alexander, Isis Taylor, Jessica Moore, Cindy Hope, Kimberly Kane, Bobbi Starr, Spock Buckton, Tommy Gunn, James Deen, Mark Wood, Anthony Rosano, Rocco Reed
Director: Brian Bangs, Spock Buckton

With the promise to get you laid, Spock Buckton and his team of comedy fuck-makers deliver another cum-filled bonanza of irresponsible, laugh out-loud, pussy-wettening sexual mayhem. With deep anal, unstoppable oral and an outrageous premise, this XXX "guide" on How To Be A Ladies Man is a "must have" for any porn-vert!

Scene 1: Sarah Sloane Teaches Her Man How To Please Her

Starring: sarah sloane
Lenght: 24 mins
Sara Sloane is the kind of blonde slut every man wants to bring home for few hours of fucking. The trick is that you have to ask! So many men get intimidated by a pretty girl that Sara actually gets asked out very rarely and jumps at the chance to say yes when she does.

Scene 2: Confidence Is What Isis Taylor Finds Sexy

Starring: isis taylor
Lenght: 26 mins
Boning Isis Taylor is not an easy task. If you can fuck her right and make her cum, this girl will follow you home, do your laundry, whatever it takes to get more out of your dick! The trick is making sure she reaches orgasm the first time you have sex - otherwise she'll never be back for seconds.

Scene 3: Bobbi Star Is An Easy Girl To Practice With

Starring: bobbi star
Lenght: 32 mins
Bobbi Star shows you how much girls appreciate compliments. She has been trying to change her style lately, shorter haircut and longer pubes. Women do that all the time. The trick is to tell her how great she looks so she'll have the confidence to take off all her clothes and let you fuck her!

Scene 4: Open Holes Make Kimberly Kane Popular

Starring: kimberly kane
Lenght: 28 mins
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - meaning a well-cooked meal can go a long way for a woman who wants to please him. The trick with Kimberly Kane is the opposite. Don't take her out to a heavy dinner, if she is too full she won't want to fuck. That's why tapas bars were created!

Scene 5: Monique Alexander Loves Showing Off Her Sexy Body

Starring: monique alexander
Lenght: 25 mins
Monique Alexander always goes out with her girlfriends. She has some really got bisexual friends and you can fuck all of them if you play your cards right. Never let them think you are looking for group sex. Make them think you only want Monique and soon enough they will all be climbing all over your cock!

Bonus 1: Behind The Scenes Of How To Be A Ladies Man

Starring: kimberly kane, monique alexander, bobbi star, isis taylor, sarah sloane
Lenght: 10 mins
Backstage you can see how much fun everyone had making this porno film. Some porn DVDs are a lot more fun to perform in than others and How To Be A Ladies Man was one of the best we have done so far. The honesty and humor kept the whole cast and crew upbeat all day.



Bonus 1: Behind The Scenes Of ...


Scene 5: Monique Alexander Lov...


Scene 4: Open Holes Make Kimbe...


Scene 3: Bobbi Star Is An Easy...


Scene 2: Confidence Is What Is...


Scene 1: Sarah Sloane Teaches ...

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How To Be A Ladies Man

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