Horny Black Sisters Together 1

Horny Black Sisters Together 1
Relise Date: 26 Jan 2009
Studio: Evasive Angles

My goodness this has got to be one of the best flicks for 2009.  Or at least added to the list of already hot joints pushed out from Evasive Angles camp.  And now we have the ultimate in fantasy fuckin with a twist to a threesome.  How about Horny Black Sisters….and they are both fuckin at the same time.  Each and every single scene was bangin with some surprisingly real sister – like lookin girls fuckin the same dude.  Let’s take for example Melody and Pursuajon who fucked with Nathan Threat in their scene.  Melody wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a threesome, but little did he know that it was going to be with her sister!!!  Off the hook people.  And these two girls in this scene were bangin hot! You should have seen the scene when Melody was getting banged out doggy style while her sister was finger bangin herself getting ready for dick!  That was some hot business goin down right there!
And the scene with Jazmyne Starr and Jade was ridiculous.  Talk about two girls that are almost IDENTICAL TWINS…that shit will have you do a double take.  These two are chocolate skinned thin FUCK FREAKS!!!  Domeniko was doin this scene with them and some true fuckin went down. Jazmyne on her back getting drilled, then Jade takin it from the back while wearing her miniskirt!  Hot hot hot!
Even better was the scene with Jay Strokes, LICKABLE Stylez and Chocolate Young.  Now this scene was some funny shit seeing it all in real action.  Your girl Chocolate could not take the dick! But man oh man; once her cherry got busted up, she was on fire! She was lovin the drillin she was getting in doggy style, and I was loving the doggy show with some POV action behind it too! Even Lickable, that girl is fuckin a freak.  When she was doin the reverse cowgirl, she looked like she was on a wild bull as much as she was bouncing up and down.  But I gotta get back to that Chocolate Young freak.  She is a bad mamma….fine ass bitch, pretty face, and was bustin nuts throughout the scene!
Then Angel Cummings and Lacy Green with Rock.  Man oh m an Angel Cummings.  I saw her on that EvasiveHookups.com website, and she is nasty!!!!! Gotta love a bitch that spreads her pussy open to reveal some creamy pussy juice! This scene was bananas…and Lacy is a short stack with some of the biggest titties for her size!  Both of these girls were two hot Redbones who were getting stuck in each and every single position.  Lacy got a fine fine ass.  Well shit, so do Angel.  You gonna loose it in this scene.
Get yo shit homie cause this movie is a classic, and a first of its kind..many more to cum!


01:31 127

Horny Black Sisters Together 1

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