Mademoiselle De Paris

Mademoiselle De Paris

Erotic Paris, Paris with its secret affairs and most of all: it's Parisiennes. A frivolous city, like the airy dresses floating over the wet pavement, exposing high heels, stockings and refined lingerie... 'Mademoiselle de Paris' reunites the most stunning actresses of the moment for an ultra-Dorcel movie.

'Mademoiselle de Paris' is not the brainchild of one single man, but of 900 'co-producers' who worked with Marc Dorcel on the first adult movie to be produced by Internet users. From the casting to the choice of scenes, the movie is the fruit of a collective perverse imagination. It had an extraordinary budget, for an extremely aesthetic and ultra-exciting production.

6 scenes:


02:04 2093

Mademoiselle De Paris

02:41 253

Mademoiselle De Paris

02:04 254

Mademoiselle De Paris

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