Wild Things

Wild Things
Relise Date: 15 Nov 2000
Studio: Your Choice
Pornstars: Starring Elle Rio, Christy Canyon, Tess Ferre, Kimberly Carson, Patti Petite, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage, Jon Martin, Tom Byron, Ali Moore, John Leslie, Taylor Evans. Alex De Renzy was one of the best ever porn directors. Mr. De Renzy made classics. A master of filming hot sex scenes, he also took pride in telling a story. Wild things consists of 6 vignettes with incredible sex and really good acting. This movie opens dramatically with 2 desperate female escaped convicts breaking into a bedroom and forcing themselves on the man and woman inside. Forcing them to lick their starving pussies and using them sexually. Nice twisty ending. Kimberly has engaged Herschell to impregnate her, it all looks like a hate-sex session in the making. He suggests her chances of conceiving will be greater if they really make love! How quaint! How brilliant. How hot. This is the famous Elle Rio’s debut and wow! She goes all out to impress! Working overtime with two dicks in her pussy in this scene. A slightly aggressive Lipstick lesbian encounter – largely featuring the tumultuous titties of Christy Canyon. The (hairy) pussy grinding is just gorgeous. Long black hair and eyes like saucers Tess discovers in-breaker John Leslie. He’s been locked up away from women for a long time and after a scary hide and seek he takes her against her will. Includes Fem dom male/female, forced face sitting/pussy eating, D.V.P., interracial, cumshots, 3/4-some, anal, vibrator, anal tonguing, lesbian 69, D-cup tits, big dildo, chase/forced sex, ripping off panties. 1 hour. 18 minutes. English sound. DVD extras include Chapter selection, photo slideshow. preview trailers on side B. NTSC. Customers who bought this product also purchased The Erotic Adventures of Candy £21.00


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